Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Jay and I went to the movies yesterday. We hadn't been to the movies for sooo long because there haven't been anything good to watch. But yesterday we still decided to go and pick out one movie that seems good. We ended up watching "Promotheus" which I really liked. A good and interesting movie. When we came home we decided to watcha movie on bed. I downloaded "LOL" (starring Miley Cyrus) and then I cut some watermelon slices and a movie night was totally in! It was a cute and fun movie and watermelon slices were so good that Jay asked for more, but we saved another quater of the watermelon for tonight! Anyway, after the movie we both decided to read a book. And that's how our night end..i fell asleep pretty quickly. He soon after me.
We went to the aftermarket today. It's a new market here in Tallinn where people sell their old things..it's like a garden sale in USA where people sell stuff they don't need anyone. It was pretty cool to see what people are trying to sell and get rid off. After that Jay and I hade lunch at cafe Komeet and then Jay bought himself a handwatch that he wanted so much! Then we went to the foodshop and then straight home. The day was perfect except my headache! :/

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