Thursday, August 5, 2010


Im leaving to Finland tomorrow and im not sure when im coming back exactly.
My granny called me today morning and told she needs me there to help her at work. Im glad coz i can earn some money and just enjoy good company. haha. I guess. It's always fun with granny, but if we are too long together she starts annoying me and we fight. But i never give up. So, first she doesnt talk to me..but soon enough she has no other way. But hey, let's hope this time we will have friendly time working together:) Love my granny!
Anywho, i've had such a crazy day today. I've been packing and doing other things that must get done before i leave. I finished reading a book today and went to the library and gave all the books back. Soon i gotta go to take a shower and i need to get my nails done. And i also have to add few things to the bag.. Im sure i'll forget something..
It's 9:30pm already. And im SO not ready with anything!!!

I also had to read all my emails and everything coz i'll be such a busy working in Finland so i wont have time to be on the net. That's why i wont take my laptop with me at all. I think i'll be a nice break from twitter, facebook ect..
Let's hope i'll have fun in Finland :)
The boat leaves at 8am tomorrow which means i gotta wake up like 6:30am..coz we gotta be at the harbor at least 20 minutes before 8am. My mom is going to Finland too. But not to work.. she's going to dad's place to spend weekend with him there. When she heard im going to Finland tomorrow too, she was glad coz now we can both go with the same boat! And my cousin is going to.

Well, i've still got so much to do, so i should stop writing.
Btw, i watched Pretty Little Liars a bit ago. GOSH! It's just so interesting. Love that show!

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