Wednesday, December 15, 2010

speak now

Set me free. Nah, i feel so free. I'm done with exams...for this year at least:) I'll have the very last test tomorrow. Me gusta!!! Then i'll celebrate xmas with my friends on Friday(we are gonna skip the class) and after the celebration im going to Sweden with my sweetie:) I can't wait!!!! It's gonna be fun, I can finally rest and relax without thinking of uni. And it'll be me and J's first trip together:)
The other day was our 4th month anniversary! Gosh, time flies. I was stupid enough not to remember it was 13th:/ Shame on me! But J of course remembered. He's special, isn't it?! I'm so happy with him, to be honest!

I was supposed to study for the exam yesterday, but i just didn't have the mood. I didn't know what to study. So, instead i listened to music and watched old videos that me and my friends had taken and uploaded on youtube. Geez, we are crazy girls =D Love them so much!
And yesterday i got to talk to Elisa! O'boy i had missed her so much!!!
This holiday i try to spend as much time with my friends as possible!!!=)
And the most i wanna be with J! <3

I'm so happy=)

PS! I love the new album of T. Swift. SPEAK NOW!

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  1. 4 months allready? i like number 13, because it has been our family lucky number:D