Saturday, July 2, 2011

in Finland :)

Whoe! Finally in Finland. The weather is HOT-HOT-HOT!!! We arrived yesterday. First we shopped in Helsinki! Of courseee :D Mostly in H&M! I just love that shop! Anyway, i got some cute and pretty stuff! ;) After shopping we went to Hyvinkää to my dad's place. We had a lunch and then i met J. He's also inHyvinkää ;) So, me, J and his two friends went to one rly cool swimming place. It's a lake beach! The water in the lake was sooo warm! It was rly fun to swim! Then we came to J's place, i cooked dinner for us (Gnocchi pasta with tomato pesto!mmm:)). And i stayed over at his place. In the morning i went to dad's place to have a breakfast and then we went to the East Center, to the shops again! :D It was funnn! When we drove back we saw J on the way and we stopped the car so i could go out. I went to J's place with him and then we went to my dad's to have a lunch and then we all went to swim! We went to the same place as i went with J and his friends yesterday. This time J wanted me to jump to the water. It was crazy scary, but i did it. Well, first time he just hold me and jumped with me (he told me he fell:/ Liar!). But whatever, i really liked it :D Hihi!
After swimming and joking and laughing and getting some sun we went back at home. Dad and my sis went to dad's place and J and i came to J's place. I made dinner for us and now J's sleeping and i'm blogging. He is so tired. I feel so sorry for him! I hope he can rest a lot!!! Oh, and big news. I won't leave back to Estonia tomorrow. I decided today that i wanna stay longer coz J is here and i have nothing special to do at home in Estonia anyway. And dad likes having me here! lol. So, i'll stay here till Friday. Then me and dad can go to Estonia together of Friday night after his work :)

Anyway, i think i am going to bed next to J now.
Night! =)

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