Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#monthly favorites: May

Igas kuus on mõned asjad, mida kasutan teistest rohkem või mis on kuidagi erilisemad. Maikuu lemmikud on siin :)
//Every month I have some things that I use more than others, some things that are more special. So, here are my May favorites: 

Book: Looking For Alaska - I loved this book so much. John Green writes so stunningly. It's an easy read, but it has deeper message in it.
Snack: Reese Peanut Butter Cups - I have a love/hate relationship with peanut butter. I like it once, and then I dislike it. But I have figured out the reason: I like peanut butter only with some other thing (not just peanut butter on bread..there must be banana too.). My favorites are Reese's cups because chocolate and peanut butter are perfect together!!!!
Music: The 1975 - I mostly listen to the same music and same old artists. But recently I have been loving this band The 1975. Their songs are so smoothing and I like to listen to their music when I am out running :)
TV show: Modern Family - Most of my other favorite shows have a season break, but Modern Family was still going on. No other show can make me more laugh than that!!!
Entertainment: PS3 move - Ever since we bought Playstation 3 I have been wanting the move sensor. And in the end of April we bought it. And it came with sport games that I have been loving! My favorites are table tennis and volleyball!
Home item: coasters - We bought very nice coasters from Paris. I love using coasters because it secures that hot tea cups won't make any marks on a table :)
Lip product: Elisabeth Arden 8 hours lip cream - this lip cream is just sooo good! I also like to put it to dry spots on my face or around my nails. 

Activity: running - I was getting ready for Naisten Kymppi (10km running even for women), so I went running every other day.. mostly ran 3-4 km each time. I like to run when the weather is nice :) After running the feeling is just so great!!!
oh so fitspo | via Tumblr
Food: quinoa - I ate it for the first time in May and totally fell in love. It tastes so good and it's perfect for dinner or for breakfast :D
Accessory: sunglasses - I have never been a big sunglasses wearer. But ever since I had a laser surgery for my eyes to get my perfect sight back I have been taking more care of my eyes. Doctor said that sunglasses are very important when it's sunny and you need to protect your eyes. So, I bought new sunnies and I have been loving them :)

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