Sunday, November 16, 2014

Celebrating Christmas with workmates and more of my week

Hello, hello! Work days have been so busy, but so fun! We went to the Winter Circus with kids and it was so cool! The whole week I have been kinda sick :/ I have got cold and now I am coughing like crazy. On Friday I was feeling extra bad and stayed home from work. I visited doctor to make sure it's nothing serious. Throughout the day I started feeling a bit better ( I was drinking lots of tea, eating honey and garlic ect). The same afternoon I got a call from work and was still invited to our workplace Christmas Party. I actually felt so bad in the morning when I called and told I was sick because I knew I would miss out our Christmas celebration. But at the end I still got to go there. We went to see Mamma Mia musical and after that had super nice dinner at Kappeli restaurant. The food was delicious and musical was so funny! Overall, I am so glad I got a chance to go there and have fun with my colleagues. At work we are now going to practice for out Christmas Show with kids. It's going to be in 4 weeks! I cannot believe how fast time flies!
I had my sister with her family and my dad over yesterday. We were celebrating my dad's birthday as well with Fathers Day. It was very fun to see them all. I baked a plum cake and my sister made pizza and brownies. So, I definitely ate quite a lot of sweets. Later I went to the shops with dad and I invited him for dinner afterwards. And today when I had my student here to practice reading, my sister texted and asked if we were at home, they were on their way here. My sis and her son were here with me while her husband went to the furniture shops to find some stuff they needed for their new home. It was nice to catch up with my sister and just talk about everything. And I love my little nephew :D I always like having him around :D
So this weekend I have been with my family mostly! It's 4.30pm now and I am planning on making dinner soon and then I want to watch some tv shows, knit a sock and make a face mask :) Relaxing end for the weekend! Next weekend my mother and her bf will visit us :)
I have been thinking a bit about Christmas gifts already because I know how fast time will go in December. I have a gift right now only for Jay. But I am sure I will go Christmas shopping quite soon - maybe will start next weekend already if I figure out what to buy..

Not the best photo, but this is the Kappeli's all glass and it's already in Christmas lights! So beautiful and romantic!
 Salad for appetizer! Maybe doesn't look anything special, but it was the best salad I had ever tasted!
 Main course - smoked salmon, potatoes with garlic and dill, creamy false morel stew. All so perfect!
Strawberry sorbee with fresh strawberries and chocolate cake!

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