Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two weekends: trip to Estonia, Christmas show, ect.

Last weekend I went to Estonia with Jay. He had his brother's birthday and I decided to use that free time to spend some time with my family. I visited my mom and stayed there over night. We had a nice dinner together and then we watched tv together and had some late night treats :) Next day I visited my grandparents. Mom also went with me. Like always at grandparents' place I was eating SO much! After few hours there I took a train to Tallinn, went to the hairdresser and then visited my other grandmother. And of course I ate so much at her place, too!!! Later that evening I did some shopping and then I met up with my younger sister. We went to the movies to watch "Nullpunkt" (Point Zero). It was such a good movie. Actually it was the first Estonian movie that I had ever watched in the cinema. Usually I am not a big fan of Estonian movies, but that one was really good!
When the movie finished we went to my sister's place. I hadn't seen her Tallinn apartment yet. We watched tv at her place, chatted and had late night tea and chocolate :D The next morning she went to work and I met up with Jay. We did some shopping, checked-in at the hotel because we couldn't get a boat tickets to the earlier time of the we decided to spend some hours in a hotel before our boat was supposed to leave. We were actually both so tired and it was good to just sleep and watch tv. We sure got back home pretty late and I had to wake up early next day.. So, I was pretty sleepy at work on Monday :P
But talking of work. Last week was quite fast and busy. On Friday we had Christmas show with kids and that went so well. Parents' gave us some very nice presents too which made that evening even more special :) I was definitely so proud of every kid :)
I decided to take it easy yesterday and so I didn't clean at all (although last weekend we didn't clean either because we were in Estonia). But yesterday I went to the mall to finish shopping for Christmas gifts. It took me about 3 hours :/ I also bought a new journal for myself and I posted a Christmas package to my besty. Most of the day I was writing either letters or Christmas cards to my friends. I am going to send out over 20 cards. So, that took a while. 

Today was woke up so late (11.30am) and had a quick breakfast because I needed to start cleaning. I wanted to get done before my friend was coming over at 2pm. But later she texted me and told she couldn't make it today. So, I spent my afternoon watching some youtube videos and just buring candles and enjoying a good lunch. It's almost 5pm now and I am going to make dinner. Jay got from his workplace a homemade pasta machine. So, I am going to make homemade pasta! We'll see if it comes out okay :P
I cannot believe I have only 5 days of work left and then I'll have my Christmas holiday! I already know that next Saturday when it's my first day of vacation I will stay in PJs the whole day, watching movies (I already have a list of movies I want to see) and just have a super lazy day in!!! After that I can be more productive, clean, go to the foodshop or run whatever errands I need. But Saturday will be a lazy day at home :D 
Christmas is coming up soon and I am so excited. We are hosting a Christmas dinner at 24th December. My both sisters will come with their families. We bought quite a lot of Christmas food from Estonia last weekend. But I still have some things I need to buy here. I am still deciding what dessert to make. I know my sister will bake something, but I might as well.. Let's see. 
Right now I just want these upcoming 5 work days to pass by very fast :D

This year I made my own gingerbread dough (I got the recipe from mom). I have baked gingerbread cookies twice - 2 weeks ago and yesterday. I spiced up my cookies yesterday adding dried cranberries and cashews to the dough. These came out the best gingerbread cookies I had ever tasted! (I also used hald plain white flour and half whole wheat flour)

My breakfast yesterday! Still (and always) loving the gingerbread curdsnack :D PS! This mug was a gift from one of our kindi kids :) I got it on Friday after the Christmas show :D 
 Getting reading to write some Christmas cards!

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