Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my gosh..

Hello lost and found! Yup, that's me! I've been so busy! Crazy crazy time. But i sorta love being in the storm of university duties..but i would love it way better if i didn't have SO many things to do. But i know that when it's all over it'll feel soooo great! Such a relief and i'll be proud too. haha:)
Um, i seriously donno what to write coz i have just SO much to write.. donno where to start..
I got a university cap;) i'll put some pix up later when i have got them from my friend. I usually dont like to wear a hat, but when i wear that cap i feel so proud.Lol!
My valentines day was AWESOME, fyi! Me and my university besties skipped a lecture and went to see Valentines Day. Amazing movie<3 and then we had a lunch in Lido. fun fun! and then we went to math class(not so fun at all!).
Of course my chocoholic side came back..but just for two days. I have it under control again:P

I bought Nicholas Sparks book "The Guardian". I read it every night on my bed! I just love that book! I look up to Nicholas Sparks. He's one of the best writers. Seriously, all her books are so fun to read! And all her books have a incredible story that has a deep message!

and OMG the best news everrrrrr!!! "When I Look At You" video came out:D:D It's sooo beautiful! I love this song just sooo much & the video is amazing. It makes me so happy to see it. I know it's just a video but it really makes me smile :)
And I so love Avril Lavigne new song "Alice Underground"! Really enthralling song!:)

Btw, if everything goes as planned i'll go to Sweden with my fam. To a cruise. Just to relax and have some fun time together!=]

And i so cant wait to see Elise! 29th march will come soo fun. haha:D
But, okay. im off to bed now..to read "The Guardian". PS!i have gone to bed rly early every night. University makes me tired i guess. i need energy. and so i need to sleep :)
Night night =]

When i look at you by Miley Cyrus

Alice Underground by Avril Lavigne

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