Monday, March 22, 2010

It's official!

SPRING has started! My fav season. Yay! Today started one of the crazies week i have had in let's say last 10 months. I'm having an exam week. Today's exam went actually pretty well i think. Im not very confident, dont wanna eat my words. But i think i wont fail!;)
So, today i woke up at 7:30am and wt i saw? SUN! It was sooo sunny and i instantly had a great mood! Seriously, it's impossible to be unhappy if sun is shining!!!!:D So, despite the fact that i had exam and i was a bit tired in the morning, i was super happy(never been that happy on exam day before.Lol). So, i arrived Tallinn in 10am which means i had 2 hours till the exam was about to start. I went to Solaris Center to get the costumer card i ordered. Then i went to Viru Shipping Center. I found super cool sunglasses. I didn't bought, but now im thinking i should have had. Next time ;)
Anyway, as i said exam was good.
I arrived back home 3:30pm, which means i even got to watch my fav telenovela En Nombre Del Amor. After that i practiced for tomorrow's English exam. I did listening tasks. I suck in listening :S
So, listning done, i watched Home and Away. And came back to the net to do some more English exercises. This time grammar and writing tasks. These went way better.
Now its almost 9pm. I think i should study for social-psychology coz i have its' exam on Thursday. I should also study for Development class's exam. Ugh, a lot to study. I cant wait till its all over. Wish me luck!

PS! I sooo hope it'll be sunny tomorrow :D

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