Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunny Day

Yesterday was Eurovision final. I must admit that this year were all songs pretty good. First my fav were Belgium and Cyprus. And i also liked Armenia and Azerbaijan. But as i was watching the show last night and listening to all the songs once again.. My biggest fav turned out to be Germany. I hadn't heard that before at all...since last night of course. It was my absolute favorite! It's performer Lena has btw Estonian blood coz her grandpa is totally Estonian. Anyway, im really happy that she WON! Yup, Germany won!Whoooee(:
Today i watched Eurovision again.. i just love it! The whole show. I think its something incredible that the whole Europe has one big concert. It somehow links everybody together for that one night!And hopefully longer..

Dad went to Finland already. We are planning to go on 19th June. Anni needs a graduation dress;) And we all actually wanna shop!!!

Have i mentioned how much i love Seventeen magazine?! Today i was sorting through the old copies and i just forgot myself and was looking the fashion pages, reading articles that i hadn't read for some reason, looking healthy tips ect.. and i love workout exercises!(:
And book/movie/CD reviews are already cool too! One book caught my eye: "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman. The story-line sounded so good. I think im going to order this book. It's a good summer read at the beach!
A little time ago i came back from the food shop with my sis. And now im going to make my fav fresh and healthy vegan salad.


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