Friday, November 19, 2010

proud to be a teacher!

I haven't even written about my internship as a teacher in Viimsi High School. First week i just went to different classes, sat, listened and took notes. It was good. But the best part was the second week when i actually had chance to be a teacher. I gave 7 classes all together. O'boy, it felt so good! I felt so comfortable, so good. I am now even more sure that this is the right job for me! I felt like i was at home!
Now the internship is over and i'll go back to university on Monday. If it was up to be i'd start teaching right away! LOL

This weekend i've got so much to do. I even made a list of things i need to get done with. I'm proud to say i've crossed out quite few of them already!:) But i've still got lots to do. To be honest i'm lack of inspiration.. But i'll give my best to find one soon. Lol.

I just finished watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. I was about to watch Hellcats too, but i decided to leave it for tomorrow. It's like a dessert! haha=)

I really hope i can read a book tomorrow. I've been so busy lately with other things so i haven't got a change to relax and read a good book. There are 4 books on my nightstand right now..just waiting for me to take one and read it.. Actually i think i'll stop writing and go tuck in my bed and read :)



  1. The internship sounds great, congrats!

    Question: Does your college or local schools use Moodle, the open source LMS?

  2. Yeah we use Moodle quite a lot. I don't know what's the open source LMS??