Tuesday, August 21, 2012

after camp

I just realized  I haven't written here after I came back from the camp. First of all, it was so fun there. I had my personal favorite guy at the camp this year. Little Johannes :) Such a cute little boy! Anyway, I had pretty long days there - early wake up and got to bed pretty late. But omg, the food was delicious there. When I first thought I am going to loose some weight there, I soon realized I won't be looking it but gathering it! But it's okay. The food was just delicious! Thank you, chefs!
Yesterday I ran some errands. I went for foodshopping, cleaned the house, changed my mobile phones company, went jogging, made a dinner and finished reading "The Wedding Girl" (written by Sophie Kinsella). 
Today I slept till 10am, had breakfast, talked to Jay on skype, went to the photoshop to get some photos, put some mushrooms to the frezer, had lunch, went for a jog, watched Pretty Little Liars, did some other stuff, had dinner and talked to Elisa on skype. I just needed that day....doing nothing important. I needed to rest and relax and I so enjoyed it. I'll read a book later and then I'll go to bed :)

I called for Jay and that's what I heard:


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