Thursday, August 30, 2012

ready for autumn

The other day I was walking to Jay's place  from my dad's place in Finland. It was around 11pm and it was quite dark. When I stepped outside and breathed in the cold air I smelled the autmn season. It's still summer though, but it really smelled like autumn. I don't know why, but I am waiting for autumn. I think I always wait for the new season. It's one thing I love about living here!
There are always a lot of things to be excited about when autumn is coming closer. First of all, university is going to start again! My 4th year! Time really flies by so fast! I hope this year will be fun and exciting and just self-satisfying!
Secondly, I love burning candles. I have fallen in love with yankee scented candles. Now I only gotta find some in Estonia and buy them!
Thirdly, I love warm home-made food, tea, cakes..and all that especially when it's dark and cold outside. I definitely want to make hot chocolate and peppermint drinks all through the cold season! I also love sweaters and other confy clothes that make you feel so warm!
Next, I am going to DanceAct again. If my internship started I stopped going to video-clip dance classes, but now that it's a new schoolyear and I seem to have time, I want to dance again!
Ohh, and APPLES! Sweet, mouthwatering apples from home garden! Yeahh, so delicious! Sadly, this year is't a good apple season, but I have found them from foodmarket and I don't mind paying for them.. I bet next year I can get punch from my parents garden!
When water gets colder and days grow darker, I really enjoy staying in, on my bed, reading a good book! Reading relaxes and gives you an opportunity to travel somewhere far and live another life. Right now I am reading "Plain Truth" by Jody Picoult, and I must say it's a very interesting book. It's about 18 y.o Amish girl who gives a birth and then gets rid of the child. But she denies it all even though police has all the evidence. Doesn't she really remember what happened??? Soooo interesting book! I highly recommend it!
I really hope that when university starts I still have that energy that I have right now. I am excited about new semester and new season. But how long is it gonna last? I know one thing for sure: it's going to be tough to be away from Jay for so long again. We have spent most of the summer together, but now when my university classes start again, I must be in Estonia all the time. But I suppose I will get used to it. And I am so glad that university is going to take most of my free time...also my friends. I can't wait to see them again!!!!!
I saw a very nice video the other day where one woman was talking about her morning mantra. And she also showed a yoga exercise that gives here energy every morning. So, every since I saw it I have done the same. I really like the mantra, so I'll share it with you:
Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say?
And to whom?
She said it's the best to read that mantra in your mind in the morning when you are still on the bed...just before you are going to wake up. It has actually a very deep meaning...
Yeah, I like it.

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