Sunday, September 2, 2012

so the days went by

Last couple of days I have been going to Willa shopping center because of the big sales there. I have purchased some things for me! Today I got this pretty nailpolish by Rimmel London, it's called apricot punch! It wasn't as matt as I thought it would be, but I still love it. But what I love even more is this amazing nail polish remover. It smells like an apple and there's no bad smell of the acetone in the room or on my fingers. There was also a strawberry one, but I chose the apple one because I thought maybe the strawberry one would be too sweet...Anyway, I got it with a very good price, only 1 euro. And what I didn't first think about, but came up with now, is that Jay HATES when I am about to remove my nailpolish because he can's stand the bad acetone smell. But now he won't even notice the smell and I don't have to go to another room just to remove my nailpolish! Yay!
Well, yesterday when I got to the Willa I bought a new hairbrush. I needed one for a while, but I hadn't found the one I really like and that didn't cost a fortune. So, yesterday I found one that was 50% off, so I got it with 5 euro only. And it's professional hairbrush by Elite Models. There were three colors of it - black, white and silvery. I bought the last one, coz it looks so different and really glamouros :P
I also got a laptop lap pad which I have been wanting for sooo long, but I just hadn't found one. So, I got one now with only 10 euros! Yay! There were all black and white ones...and then just one blue. I got the blue one coz it's less boring and it's a very pretty blue by the way ;) So, now I can use my laptop when I'm on the bed and I don't have to worry about it getting over heated and too hot. You can use this lap pad for eating a little bed table or so.
And the other day I bought a very good smelling shower creame' by "I love" brand. It smells like bubble gum :) And I got it with only 5 euros :) I will probably add some photos here later when I get back home ;)
So, these are the only things I purchased and I am very happy with them all! :) Love shopping! I thinkI needed that because I know that university starts in few days and I will be busy and my mind will be all other things and I won't probably even think of shops and stuff I need or want (which is actually very good! Helps me save some money!).
Oh yeah, I am going home tomorrow. I will arrive in Estonia 3.30pm. Then I gotta go to the foodshop and then I'll head home. First, I gotta make myself a dinner (I can already imagine how hungry I am when I arrive home!) and then I wanna bake an apple pie to celebrate the beginning of a new schoolyear :)
I just have to put this photo of hot chocolate with marshmellows here, because this is the drink I have been craving for for the last couple of days. I want to make hot chocolate at home, it's on my to-do list ;)

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