Saturday, September 15, 2012

viva weekend

I finally got my Maybelline Pink Punch lipstick! I love it! 

Lately I have been thnking of puppies a lot. I know I can't have one because I live in apartment right now, but I still want one sooooo much! 

Isn't she cute? Wish I had a puppy as a present. Would be the BEST one ever!

Two weeks of uni are over. It has been nice, but a lot of homework. This weekend I want and need to rest and relax! I don't want to do any homework, except read a book for one class. Other than that I want to watch tv, lay on the bed whole day, eat sweets and so on :) I need to gain energy for next week!
Jay is coming home next Sunday! I cannot wait. I REALLY miss him!

Oeh, I supposed I am going to clean the apartment and then I'm going to foodshop and THEN I'll start relaxing and doing nothing! Viva weekend!

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