Friday, September 21, 2012

so it's Friday

Like I said yesterday I wanted to bake a cake. And I did. It was good, but nothing so special. Very easy to make and the taste was good too. I don't know if I will ever make that cake again, who knows. But I usually like to try out new recipes. And then there are few that are my fav and I have made these a number of times!  I regret that I made a big cake yesterday coz if I am eating alone I get sick of cake. I mean, how much cake can one person eat? Anyway, like I said I am going to post a photo of the cake I made: 

Since yesterday was a day off (yay!) I also spent time on my little hobbie - painting. I hadn't painted for a while, but I had two empty canvas at home, so I decided to get my hands muddy with colors! :) So, here is the outcome: 

It's Friday today and I want to listen to music, read a book and just relax because tomorrow will be more active - I need to clean the whole apartment!
Oh, by the way, I am going to bake another bread! Yeah, my second one. I hope it'll be tasty! 
I just have to mention how happy I am that Jay is coming home on Sunday! I'm so excited! He said we are going todo something extra fun together! I cannot wait to spend time with my fiance!

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