Saturday, September 6, 2014

#monthly favorites: August

August went by so fast. Mainly because my work started in the beginning of August so I was working this whole month! But sure I did other things as well and most surely I loved some products :)
Here are my August favorites:

Book: Never Let Me Go - This book took me a whole month to read it :/ I just didn't have so much time and at first I wasn't so into it. But the story was still very interesting and the more I kept reading it the more I was hooked! I finished it today and if I think back it was such a good read! Very different from all the books I have read before!!! (while searching for a photo here of this book, I found out there's also a movie made after this book...and I just realized I have even seen that movie. I remember I started watching it while it had been on for about half an hour and I found that movie quite confusing..but not that I think about it I's much clearer now that I have read the book!)
Treat: Kingis Mint & Chocolate ice-cream - I don't want to think how many packs of this ice-cream I ate in August..Too much for sure, but I love the combo of mint and chocolate!!! It's probably my favorite ice-cream!

Equipment: bicycle - I have riding my bicycle every single day in August. I ride it when I go to work every morning, or just whenever I want to go somewhere fast! It's so good my bike has a basket in front because when I come from foodshop I like to put my groceries in there!
Lip product: Maybelline Baby Lips "Cherry Me" - I like this tinted lip balm. It gives just enough pinkish red tint to my lips, moisturizes and looks so natural! 
TV show: New Girl - This show makes me laugh and whenever I think of that show I instantly have a smile on my face! This show just makes me feel good and I always like to have something funny in my life!

As you can see I don't have so many favorites this month. I spent most of my days in August working, but I also enjoyed spending time with my family and enjoying all that the end of the summer has given me (especially apples!) :D

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