Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#monthlyfavorites September

I feel like September just rushed in and out. Days passed by so quickly. I can't believe tomorrow is October already! 
Like every month I have been loving some products more than others and I am here to share them :)

Thought: May you wake with gratitude - I love quotes and thoughts. In September I have been loving this one. Every morning when I wake up I try to think happy thoughts, be positive (even if I am super tired and would lovee to sleep longer!) and just be grateful for everything good I have in my life :):)
Wake With Gratitude
Book: Across the Universe - This is the first book of that trilogy. I absolutely loved that book! It was an easy read. I mainly read that in train on my way to work and back. I felt I really got to go into the story and I just couldn't put the book down! I am going to order two other parts very soon!
Treat: Fazer Pure Dark chocolate with roasted corn - mmm, I am enjoying the taste of this chocolate right now while writing this blog post. I love that the chocolate is dark (70% cocoa) and the roasted corn is a perfect compliment! The taste reminds me of something.. I don't know what, but when I eat it it just makes me happy and a bit nostalgic :)
Lip product: Rimmel lip balm Keep Calm and Party - I love purple lipsticks, but this purple sheer lip balm is the best! I like how it gives nice purple shade to your lips, but it's not like a lipstick purple. And it also keeps my lips moisturized. Only downside is the smell - doesn't smell good..
Activity: Finnish Course - In September me and my husband both started going to Finnish classes. It's twice a week and the beginners level. Even though I have already been through that level it's still nice to revise everything..and going to school with my husband is the best part of it! Plus surely getting new friends, learning more Finnish and being able to practice it!
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Clothing item: Knee high socks - 2 years ago I got two pairs of knee high socks from my best friend for Christmas. She sent them all the way from Mexico. I have been wearing these socks like no other.. mostly in autumn and winter. When the weather got colder this month I dug up these socks again and have been wearing them so much throughout September!
Image 1 of Cath Kidston Button Spot Gumboot Socks
Place: home - whenever it gets colder and darker I really enjoy being at home! I have been baking every weekend, burning candles, reading books and snuggling in my blanket while watching my favorite tv shows. Home is the best place to be at!
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