Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello October!

October has arrived and I am so pumped about it! The weather is getting colder, I can wear scarves, bake a lot, eat lots of tea ect. I decided to write down some of the things that I want to do and things I am looking forward to this October:

  • Drink a lot of Chai Tea (I'll buy a Tiger Spice Chai Tea from Estonia)
  • Bake a banana bread
  • Bake a pumpkin pie (my very first one ever!)
  • Attend to an Halloween party (also my very first one ever!)
  • Wear an Halloween costume (at the party obviously!)
  • Burn lots of good smelling candles
  • Have long walks and pick up some colorful leaves
  • Do more and more fun fall arts and crafts with my kids in kindergarten! 
  • Continue with the weekly dinners' menu (more about this later!)
  • Ride my bicycle as much as possible (before it starts snowing..)
  • Enjoy every little moment because life is good :)

Credit to meeeeeeee

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