Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

It's 2015! Jay and I went to my friend's place yesterday and after few hours there we drove to my sister's to say hello to new year - 2015. It came with a big nice fireworks and good champagne. We actually drove home and didn't stay a night at my sisters. It was honestly so good to sleep in our own bed. I slept pretty long - I woke up 12pm today. When I woke I searched out my last year wishes, read them and wrote new ones for this year. It's always fun to see what wishes and dreams came true, what not. 
Today I didn't do much.. I just enjoyed being at home. I planned to do a liquid day - means eating nothing, just drinking, but oh I am weak. If Jay woke up and wanted to go out for dinner I was so up to it :D haha. It's okay, I'm far from perfect. 
I really hope this year some of my dreams and wishes will come true. Some of those are pretty big, some small. I think it's very healthy to dream - big and small :) And even if they don't always come true, it's still always nice to have things in your mind that push you harder in life!

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