Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life in general.

I have been pretty absent in my blog. At the beginning of this year I lost my grandfather and so it's been hard.. I haven't really felt like writing. I have just been trying to go along with everyday life - work and rest at home. It's Sunday night right now and I am going to have a dinner soon. I love weekends. I had my sister and her kids over here yesterday and we had a nice Saturday brunch. And today I have been just at home, Jay and I also went to the foodshop. I have had some very bad stomach issues so I have been extra cautions of what I eat.. But it seems that I have figured the problem out and I know how to get my digestion and stomach issues back to normal. At least I hope so. It will take a while, but I truly hope that eventually it's all right again :)
I can't tell there's anything super interesting happened. Life has been pretty normal (apart from my grandpa's death). I obviouslt went to Estonia to his funerals. Besides that I have been working, I have met with my friend Jane two times, been going to the Finnish classes and zumba. So, I would say during the workdays I am pretty busy. That's what makes weekends even more enjoyable and special :) :) I especially love loooonnggg sleep :D Nothing beats that! And these lazy and slow mornings.. half a day in PJs.. ohh I could go on and on.. :D Weekends rock!
I have also gotten quite a few mail this week: letter from my friend Shawny from AU, letter from Rebecca from USA and a nice late Christmas gift from my besty Elisa from Mexico :) I am such a lucky girl to have such great friends! 
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