Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another week's gonna start...

It's Sunday again! Time flies. LOL I went home by the weekend. But now im back at my granny's. On Saturday i went to Tallinn with my parents. I finally got my own Internet connection!:)
Most of the time i was just lazy at home.I was on the net, i was in the garden eating starwberries and playing with my dog. Then i watched my fav tv series and drank strawberry smoothies. Cozy weekend! It was raining but i was inside so i enjoyed the rain drops. I also read the most sweetest myspace bulletin ever. Miley Cyrus posted it.It was so beautiful. And made me think of many things...
She also posted there some videos. So, now i really like a song called "I loved her first" by Heartland! :) Listen to it!!!!!

Anyway,right now one of my fav is also "So small" by Carrie Underwood!=] It had a great message.

Oh, im tired. My sister just asked me to go to the food shop with her. So, i'll go :P

By the way, i LOVE being in old town of Tallinn. I love how many tourists there are. Cute guys:D haha. Well, today in the train next to me sat two guys. Not estonians. I heard them talking in english with the ticket controller although with each other they talked in some unfamilar language to me. Don't even know why im saying it. lol

Right now im reading a book called "Minu Argentina"(My Argentina). Estonian girl worked there in a poor city and she is telling us about her life there. It's so interesting and so different life as we have here. I like reading about different cultures! Next book i'll read will be "Minu Pariis"(My Paris) about a guy who lived in Paris for a year..or longer.

Okayyy, i gotta go now. My sis is waiting after me.

Have a good week!
PS! I need a lot of luck for tuesday and wednesday when i have to go to give a test and have an interview in university!!!=]

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