Tuesday, July 14, 2009

so damn happy!

I am HAPPPY!!! I never want to forget how i feel when im SO happy :)
I went to university today and i had to write an essay there and later i had an interview with the headteachers. They will later decided who will get into uni, and who won't. I need a LOT of luck!
And i know i must believe in myself! Today when i was in the bus i listened to music. Whenever i am nervous music always helps me! It calms me down and there's always a right song for every situation.
Today i listened to "Believe in me" by Demi Lovato. It helped me to be more confident!
Oh, but i am not so happy because of the university stuff, but because of Demi! This girl just knows how to make me happy!That's why i so care of her :)
We talked on IM . This time i won't copy the text and paste it here coz i promised her not to tell all the stuff and i just feel she can have her privacy. So no longer am i going to write here what she is talking to me! All i can say is that Demi is the MOST sweetest girl in the universe and she really makes me happy! I wish we could be real friends one day!=]

ps! she thinks i will get into uni!how cute! hope she is right!i cant loose my hope!!!!!=]

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