Tuesday, January 19, 2010

do da doo, life's good;)

Aw, im sitting on the chair, my soft soft cat on my lap:) Could this be any better? Oh, and not to forget to mention that im eating the best chocolate in the world: white Hershey's with chocolate cookie pieces. Yummmiee!
I love my cat SO much! She's a sweetheart:) Actually i love all my pets..i have two cats and a dog.Lol!They are so important part of my life! AWww i just took so cute pic of my baby!! Im gonna upload it;)
Anyway, whats been going one here.. i have watched some new movies.. The Lovely Bones, It's Compliacted, Forget Me Not[<<- ehamazing horror/thriller/romance movie!u gotta see it!], 500 Days of Summer. And today i watched Make it or break it and Secret life of the American teenager. I still have one episode to watch;) yay! And i also wanna check out some more new movies. I love uni break coz i have tons of time to have movie nights:D haha! And also no responsabilities! That break is so needed! OMG!I just remembred today starts European Ice-skating Cup.. beauty ice-skeating :) The competition takes place in Estonia. And they are gonna show it on tv today and all the other nights this week :) Yay! I LOVE watching ice-skating. It's sooo beautiful<333

my baby :)

going to uncle's bday. got a new hat. finally! its freezing cold outside!

morning:) going to railway station to catch a trail to Tallinn. YES, i have time to take pix in the morning even though im always almost running to the railway station!dont wanna miss a train. but i still have time to take pix. that's me:P

My sweet life:) Sister had a baking mood:D Me likey!!

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