Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday (:

Hello Monday! I went to university today. Gosh how good it was to see my friends again. They made me soooo happy:D We had so much fun like always!haha:D The exam was great. Wasn't hard at all. We personally think we are teacher's fav(tshhh!!). We had the group work and she was soo good with us, but yelled at others :S Anywho, after the exam we decided to celebrate and went out to have a lucnh! Yum yum. I was later soo full!
Well. I arrived home 5:45pm, i watched Home&Away and surfed on the net. Then i decided to resive for psychology test a bit. And now i finished. It's almost 11pm. Now i have nothing else to do than hope that luck will be on my side tomorrow and the exam won't be hard! Pleaseee!!! Wish me luck!
Ok, that's it. Going to bed. I need a good long sleep!!!:)



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