Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my thoughts today

Today has been full day! First i had geography lesson at Kadrioru ... . It was pretty pointess because teacher walked so fast and we had to run to keep up with her. And she talked so quietly we hardly heard what she was telling us! And on top of it all, she made up climb up some rocks, walk through the forest. My boots were sooooo muddy! :| It didn't look pretty. haha. And she kept us there so long that we were late to our art class. Anyway, art was fun. But when the class ended i had a big amount of mud under my desk. Thank God i wasn't the only one :D
After university i ran through the foodshop and then i met my long lost friend Elise (i am kidding...she's not that lost!). But we hadn't seen since April because she's living in Denmark. We came to my place because i was waiting for Starman Internet and cable guy to come here. We had a cup of tea and when the cable guy left, we headed out for a dinner. We also wanted to go to the movies, but there wasn't much to watch. All good movies are coming out on 23th September. :/ But we still got to talk a lot so it was good! :)
I am back at home now. Finally we have a fast Internet! Yay! I feel good. But not great. I feel like something big and important is missing. I was walking on the street alone before and my thoughts were only at one place. I wish i could do something to make things okay again. Because i feel so weak and not like me. I want to have happy thoughts, i want to smile even if I am alone. I want to have reason to wake up a smile on my face. Only one person could make this all happen. Just one voice!
Missing you is the hardest thing on Earth.

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