Thursday, September 15, 2011

No regrets!

I know that sometimes you do it on purpose. To hurt me. And it works.
And i talk and talk and talk. And you keep being silent. Silence is sometimes even more hurtful than words.
I miss you. And i love you. And i know you do, too. But it still hurts you pretend you don't care.
I think we shouldn't keep so much anger or sadness inside of us. We should let it quickly go away because we live once and we must appreciate what we have in our life. Today is a gift, that's whay it's called a present! Life your life today like there's no tomorrow. Don't go to bed without making sure you have told how much some people mean to you, how much you love them. It's what i always do. I just can't go to bed if i haven't told J i love him, coz you never know what the next day can bring. All i know, i won't have any regrets as long as he knows how MUCH i love him! :)

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