Thursday, September 1, 2011


Trust. It has been always the most important part of a relationship for me. I learned it long ago. I like to see it as a vase. Trust is like a vase. If you break it, it's really hard to fix it. I think we can always forgive, but we won't forget. And if you loose your trust to somebody it's so hard to start trusting them again. Completely.
Some people has made mistakes and lied. But everything comes out. Always. No matter how. Is it in the right or wrong way. It doesn't matter in the end.
And if you say it's innocent and it's nothing, then why to hide if in the first place?
Is hiding and lying the same? I don't know. But one is sure, neither of them are good.
I have million thoughts in my head, but i think this place isn't the best place where to write them down right now.
I just hope i never have to feel the way i feel right now.


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