Sunday, August 28, 2011

waiting..and then bed!

Oeh. Things aren't nice right now. I have a lot in my mind. Maybe it's even good? Anyway, i really hoped i could talk to J tonight before i go to bed and he goes to work, but he doesn't pick up his phone and he's not on the Internet either. That sucks.
Tomorrow's gonna be a crazy day. Tough day. But thankfully J is coming home. Only nice thing about tomorrow. A very nice, actually. I am so looking forward to it.
I am so tired right now, though it's not that late. It's 9.25pm. I think i'll be up till J goes to work. Maybe he comes to net before he leaves?! And after that i'll fall asleep for sure, i know that! (I work hard to keep my eyes open right now eyelids are so heavy!). But it's worth for waiting. I hope.

Early night! :)

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