Friday, August 26, 2011

sleepy Friday

Tired. Again. I went to Tallinn early in the morning and i was back at home at 12am. I was soooo tired. I am not used to wake up so early. Anyway, at home i slept till 3 o'clock, then i read a book and then kept sleeping till 6pm. Seems that i have been sleeping most of the day!
Anyway, tomorrow i am going to pack my things and on Sunday I'm going to Tallinn coz i must wake up early on Monday. Next week is going to be fun, busy and crazy. I hope i have time to relax too. Johannes is at home, so i'll enjoy next week for sure!!!! :D I just hope this moving in to his place and unpacking my things won't take too long. I want to spend every second with him. I have to do some school stuff anyway, but luckily only in the mornings. I am so glad that 1st grade students have mostly only 4 classes a day :)
Oeh, i am right now waiting for J to come to skype. I better call him:P

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