Monday, August 22, 2011

Days of love

Okay, i haven't blogged for quite a while. First of all i must say that i had sooo amazingly fun day with J on 16th Aug. We shopped a bit and then we went to an amusement park in Helsinki. OMG! It was so awesome, scary, crazy and much more! I seriously enjoyed every second with J! It was just a perfect way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
I would have never believed that i had gone to American Mountains and loads of other scary rides. But i did! And it was so much fun! When J is next to me I'm not scared. He protects me :)

Anyway, after that wonderful day we took a boat back to Estonia. Then we did lots of shopping the next day. We bought a new bed, a closet, curtains and lots of other smaller things. Our bedroom is almost ready! We only need to buy me a desk where i can study.
But we also had fun when J was here. We went to the movies twice, we watched the last part of Harry Potter and a movie Captain America. We also had dinners out and so on.
Now J is back in Finland and i am counting the days till he gets back!!!! When he's coming back we'll finally move my things to his apartment! And then I'm officially living there :)
I'm so glad that he can be in Estonia for a week. I love spending time with my love!
Oh, my university starts soon. I am actually pretty excited. But i have to wake up pretty early coz classes start at 8:15am already. I'll get to used to it, I'm sure :)
But right now i want to enjoy the last weeks of my summer holiday! :)

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