Friday, November 25, 2011

3 days of J.

Oh, this week has been amazing, different, tiring, fun, full of smiling, yelling, hugging, teaching. I love being a teacher. The class where i was teaching was so good. They were great! They hugged me million times a day, in the class they were like angels (most of the time). They want to learn so much, they are so quick, they are so curious. They are fantastic! So, i am very glad i took this job for a week!
I was waiting for Thursday like crazy! I missed J so bad. When i came home from school yesterday, J was in the bed watching tv. I just jumped in and gosh, it was sooooo good just to hug him and hold him close. I missed it a lot. We went to have a lunch out and then we went to the movies to watch Happy Feet 2. It was so cute and sad. Yeah, i cried. More than once. After the movie,i headed to dance class and J went home. When i arrived home about 1,5 hours later, he was asleep. I decided to go to bed too and i watched tv. When i decided to turn the tv off and go to sleep to, he woke up and started watching tv. I was soo tired and i knew i had to wake up the next morning so i didnt join him watching tv (tho he watched it from our bed. lol). Anyway, today i had the last day at Rocca Al Mare school. It was quite sad to say goodbye to the students after the last class. But J was waiting me in front of the school building and that made me want to run out! :) We went shopping. I got two pairs of new boots. Yay! I needed them so bad! We also bought some Christmas gifts and food for home. We ended up carring too many bags so we had to take a taxi. At home he helped me to do one of my art work. I had to close my eyes and he instruct me where and how to move my oilpastels. I was drawing Little My from Moomin cartoon. The drawing ended up pretty cute. Lol.
Well, now J went out with his friends for couple of hours. I am watching tv (and blogging) and eating candies! The most important thing. I was craving for estonian candies today, so i bought some :) And now eating them!
Okay, Grey's Anathomy started. I better watch it ;)


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