Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family day

It was a nice day tomorrow. My family (mom, dad and both sisters) came to my apartment to pick me up. Then we went to have a lunch together. It was so good to just eat out and talk. All of us together. After the lunch we went to the movies to watch "One day". It was a good movie. Maybe it seemed without a real interesting storyline, but actually it was a deep movie and made you think of the value of life. It was a moving story with an unhappy ending. A tragedy. But there was also a lot of laugher. A good movie.
Now i am back at home. Today morning i cleaned the whole apartment. So, when i came back from the movies then it was so good to come home to a clean apartment :) I took a shower, colored my nails, watched Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie. Then i ate mandarins, listened to music, did some workout and talked to Shawny on the skype. I think now i am going to bed to read a book and then sleep (although i am not sleepy yet). I just want tomorrow to come quicker! I miss J! I want it to be tomorrow. I want to see him, i want to kiss him, i want to be with him! I miss him so bad! So, i realllly want it to be tomorrow already! And that means the night must pass. And it passes quicker if i sleep ;)
Well, i am better off to bed now.
Night! (it's 9:07pm)

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