Monday, November 21, 2011

hello, teacher here!

Hello, it's me again!
I have been a bit busy. First of all, when J was here last week, i had such an amazing time with him! Really! We went to the movies, went out for lunches and dinners. We just enjoyed the time together. We also bought a new TV. So we have a TV in our bedroom now, yay!
Anyway, when J left i was sad, but he's coming home on Thursday already! I cannot wait!
This week i am working at Rocca Al Mare school. I am teaching 1.a grade there because their teacher is ill. So, i can be a teacher for a whole week! So awesome! Today was my frist day and oh i was soooo tired when i eventually got home. But then i did mu uni stuff and waited for J to come to skype. We talk on skype every day(or night). I am a bit hurt by what he said to me. it's nothing serious tho, but it feels like i am trying to do good, but for him it mean nothing and is more bad than good. But i am doing it for him, for both of us, for our home. Not for myself only. I want things to get ready fast because we had a hope the apartment would be ready for Christmas. And i really want it to happen. So, that's why i may be a little rushing into things and i am being a bit pushy. I am sorry. But sometimes i just wish that he wants these things too, not only me.
Oh well, it's not the end of the world tho. After talking to him, i just started thinking about why do i even try so hard and want it to be homey and nice. We dont even live her together, just the two of us. His brother lives with us too. But still. Everything is almost ready. But nothing gets ready without an action!

Okay, enough of my midnight vent. I am so tired! And i soooo miss J! I want to be with him and i hope the kitchen table is nice and he likes it. I guess i can't get it out of my head now. I hope i can at least sleep well at night not like last night when i couldnt fall asleep.


PS! I love you, J!

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