Wednesday, November 30, 2011

last day of November

Autumn is so dark, so rainy, so windy. Sometimes it's moody. Without a real reason. I feel lack of energy right now. I feel myself complete only when i am with J.
I started thinking of why do people fight? Why do we say things we don't really mean? Do we really want to hurt each other on purpose?
Life is short. We should appreciate every second we are given. And we should think before we say. Because if we say, we can't take it back. All we can do, is to apologize. But why do we have to say these words at first place if we know we are going to regret them later on.
I made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. I hope that the person we love the most, can see you deeper and knows you truly well, to apologize. Because like i said, everybody makes mistakes.

"Every moment without you, is a moment of time lost."
I cannot wait to go to Finland on Friday to see the love of my life! I miss him every second every day!

It's 1st December tomorrow. The beginning of my favorite month! It's also J's brother's birthday, he's turning 19 y.o. I made him a cake for tomorrow too ;)

School is slowly getting over. I don't have much to do anymore. O'boy it makes me feel good.
I can't wait when i am done and i can really enjoy Christmas. But more than that i want to have a good time with J. We are going to Sweden on 10th December. I hope it'll be a very wonderful trip. Just the two of us!

I can take the first chocolate from adventcalenders tomorrow (i have 3 calendars). I wish J was here. Or that i was there. I miss him so much!!!! I truly hope we can talk on skype today and i can see his pretty face and hear his sweet voice!


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