Monday, December 5, 2011

New life!

I am an aunt now. My sister has a beautiful baby boy now - Jonathan :) I went to the hospital today to visit them. Jonathan is such a cute little boy! :) I got to hold him. Gosh, he's skin is soooo soft!!!!!!
Well, i went to the eye clinic today to run some tests. I just wanted to be sure that my eyes are good for the laser operation. I am not going to have it yet, but hopefully in the future. I seriously can't wait to get rid of classes and finally have the clear vision!!!!
I went to Finland on Friday morning. I couldnt wait to be with Jay. I really loved being with him. We stayed at my dad's place. I like the most that we laughed a lot and just had fun. I came back on Sunday. And the traffic was so bad so i missed my boat and had to come with the next one. Anyway, I think Jay and I both learned a lot from these days, especially from Sunday. We should appreciate each other more and show it out. We are going to a boat cruise to Sweden upcoming Saturday and i think it'll be good for us. We can be together away from everything and everybody. I truly hope this trip will be magical and good for our relationship. I love my Prince sooooo much!!!!!!!
I can't wait till Friday because Jay comes home then. I want to cook him something. And when we have had lunch, we are going to Kohila to visit little Jonathan! :)

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