Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I want snow

It's so dark already! Jay was up all nighyt (coz he was sleeping at day time)..So, when i woke up in the morning he fell asleep. Nice huh? But he's dad came over so he had to force himself to wake up. I am going to make a dinner soon i hope. I'm so hungry. I have been eating 2 chocolate cakes today! O'boy! It's so good!!!!!!!! Anyway, I better read a book and try to think positive!
I want snowy Christmas, warm cozy home and see my pets Bonnie, Tikker and Muffin. I miss these guys! Don't you worry, guys, I'm coming home for Christmas!:) I can't believe it's only 4 more days till Christmas. I cannot wait. Jay is going to Finland tonight and coming back on 23rd Dec night. And then next day we'll go to Kohila :):):):)

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