Thursday, December 8, 2011

sooo close!

It's Thursday. University is over for this week (and only one week more and then it's a holiday!). I'll go to dance pracitce soon. We are practicing for our Christmas show Practice Night. It's on 18th Dec. We are performing with a dance from Ciara's video "Gimme dat". It's really powerful and full of energy! Love it!
Jay is coming  home tomorrow!!! I cannot wait! I have been counting the days. I really miss  him. I always do when he's away. He lightens my days! I need him here!
So, I'll cook for him tomorrow and then we are going to Kohila to visit my sister's baby boy and my friend's baby boy. Actually tomorrow at 5pm is a book presentation at Viru Shopping Center. The book is called "Minu Ameerika 3" (My America 3). I have the frist and second book and i really want to get the third one too. Too bad i can't go to the presentation, i would have loved to meet to author.
Anyway, i am really looking for me and Jay's Sweden trip. I hope it'll be very wonderful!
And gosh, Christmases are so close! But i am totally ready for it! I have done all  the Christmas shopping and i have decorated my room with Christmas stuff. I only need to make ginger cookies, but i'll do that next week ;)
I really love Christmas fairs where they sell handmade gifts. I have found so many amazing little gifts for my family already.
December is really my favorite month. I feel so peaceful because university is getting over, holiday is coming closer, all the places around the city are decorated with Christmas lights and it's snowing. And i feel that at Christmas time people have more time to look around themselves. At least i do. And i appreciate all i have! That's why i am really looking for spending the time with Jay at Sweden cruise, just the two of us! I love him so much! I really want this trip to be amazing. I am taking my camera to the trip too so we can take photos!
Oh, i so want it to be tomorrow already! I want to hold hands with my favorite person in the whole wide world - my lovely Prince.

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