Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve morning was CRAZY! But it all worked out well. Jay and I caught a train to Kohila and spent a nice Christmas Eve there. We had a family over there and had a Christmas dinner. Everybody read poems and got presents from Santa :)
We took a lot of photos. The next day we slept pretty long, then Jay and i went to Merikan and Janar's place. Guys played playstation of course!
Today we came back to Tallinn, had a lunch at Lido and went to the foodshop. Then we were just at home, laying on the bed, watching tv and reading books :) It was so good to be together doing nothing! But being together! Now Jay went to Finland. He must work for 3 days. He's coming back on 29th already!
I am going to the movies with Elise tomorrow. And then I am going to Kohila for two days. I'll be back in Tallinn by the time Jay comes home;)
Merry Christmas :)

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