Thursday, December 22, 2011

22th Dec

The best thing about me is YOU. I heard this saying today and I really like it. I feel I can relate to it. Jay brings the best out of me, me fulfills my life. He's a huge part of who I am.
The closer Christmas come the happier and excited I get. I know some people don't like nor appreciate Christmas. Maybe they just don't see it the way most of us does. Or the way I do. For me Christmas isn't about the gift. For me it's an amazing holiday. We don't have to work, we have our days off to be with the one with love, with our family or friends, our pets or our children...whoever we want to be with. It's even more perfect if it's snowy outside. Christmas is time to take your time out, not to worry, and just relax and have fun. Every Christmas I realise how happy I am to have all these people in my life. I appreciate all I have. And Jay is my Christmas angel :) My everything. My life wouldnt be the same without him. To be honest, i can't imagine my life without him at all!!!!
Today I watched a tv show and there someone said that if you want your true love and passion in your relationship to stay, you both must work for it. You both must do extraordinary things sometimes. You can't live in the rutine only. Because sooner or later you start seeking more... outside your relationship. I'll never let that happen to me and Jay. I want our passion to last forever! And if we work for it, it won't fade away!

Jay is coming home tomorrow at 10pm. I'll give him to his Christmas gifts at midnight! I hope he'll like these :)
I miss him! I am so glad I can spend another Christmas with him! And i truly hope I can spend every following Christmas with him!!!!! I am planning to stay with him forever. I am always here for him! Always&forever!


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