Tuesday, February 21, 2012

busily excited

What a busy day! First of all, I went to school. Then I went to the foodshop between two classes (I had one off). The plastic bag was sooo heavy when I came back I thought I'm gonna die. I just couldnt walk... And then the bag broke :S Ugh! But somehow I managed to get back to school! I was really tired then. Well, thank god I had bought a chocolate. I ate it and got my energy back! :)
After classes I had to walk to the bus stop...with the broken heavy bag! It was awful. I couldnt wait to GET HOME! Eventually I did of course. And at home I took about 15 books and went to the library. I needed to return these because I AM GOING TO FINLAND TOMORROW! First I am going to school and my classes end 2.15pm and then I'll come home and then to the ship harbour! :) My ship leaves 5.30pm. I am so happy! And since it's a holiday at school I can be there till 5th March! So happy! I really miss Jay and I can't wait to be with him already!!!!!!!!!Yayyyy! :)

When I came back from the library I cleaned the whole apartment and had a little dinner. Now I'm going to do some school stuff I think and then I'll just watch tv and rest! Holiday makes me happy :):)

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