Friday, February 24, 2012

Right where I belong ...

I arrived in Finland in Hyvinkää on Wednesday at 9pm. I am so happy to be here with my Prince. Gosh, I missed him! I am glad I can just rest and be, all my school work is prepered and I can just relax and enjoy my short holiday! I took few books with me that I can read here when I have nothing else to do. Yesterday I made pancakes and I watched 5 episodes of One Tree Hill. And when Jay finished his work we spent the rest of the day and night together. It is sooo good to be with him! Today I have been watching Gossip Girl. It is so awesome! I also did a little workout. And soon I am going to walk to Jay's work and then we will go to foodshop and back home.
Oh, by the way, happy Independence Day, Estonia :)
Okay, I think I must go change now and then off I am.

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