Monday, February 27, 2012


Soon after I blogged yesterday Jay called me and told me to go to the gym with him! So I packed my bag and went to his work place and we went to the gym together! It was fun! But i realized that I like to do outdoor activities much better! For example I like to ride a bike that actually moves from where it is staying at first, and I like to walk and swim and rollerskate and ice-skate. But of course sometimes in gym are very good too! Like yesterday! :)
In the morning today Jay's phone alarm another room. But we heard it. And if he tured his alarm off he was like: oh shittt! The alarm was set too late. So, we had to run to his work! I really hope he made there on time! In a rush in the morning he couldnt find his phone anymore, but he didnt really need it, so he stopped looking for it. When he leaved home, I went back to bed and soon enough I heard his phone alarm again. I found his phone on the armchair.
Well, I continoued sleeping till 9.10am. I am awake now, had two cinnamon rolls and a banana for breakfast. It is not even 10am yet. What to do??
I am planning on watching my fav tv shows and maybe read a bit! And workout a bit too :) And by 3pm I am going to Jay's workplace. I am going to call my dad later and ask what time he finishes his job. I would like to hear about all the exciting things of he and mom's trip to Egypt!
I have decided that I have to cut the amount of chocolate I eat every day. Since today I try to eat every day just ONE chocolate bar (like Snickers or Tupla). One is enough, right? Tell me it is! Well, it'll be tough considering I usually eat way morrreeee!!! I am addicted to chocolate just like some can't live a day without coffee. Well, I will see how it goes.

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