Sunday, February 26, 2012


I wish you could see the beautiful sunshine that is outside right now! It feels like it is spring already! I am totally waiting for spring! Although the snow is still on the ground, it is melting and melting and it is matter of days (or weeks) till it is melted. Every morning I have waken up here in Finland I hear birds singing outside the bedroom window. So beautiful morning alarm!
Jay and I went swimming yesterday. It was nice. Well, Jay has lost weight and his shorts were too big for him and couldnt stay up. So, he couldnt swim like normal people did. He just was on the water, holding his shorts up! :D And I, well, first of all, when I arrived to the pool (after I had put on my swimming suit), I saw Jay nowhere (I felt SO blind without my glasses!). I told Jay to come to me when he saw me in the pool coz I definitely couldnt see him! But he didnt come. So I guessed he was still changing his clothes. So, I decided to go to the pool. But I had no idea what these signs in finnish meant :/ But I didnt care and I went to the pool. I swum about 10 minutes and I started to panic already. Where was Jay?? But then there he was. He said he went to the sauna. Nice! I wish he had told me that before so I wouldnt have to panic. Anyway, I asked him if I was swimming at the right part of the pool. He said, well, no. It was meant for water walkers("vesik├Ándijatele"). How weird. Some people who were also there with me, didnt walk, they also swam! But whatever. So, we had fun time swimming. At some point, I was swimming toward Jay and ouchhh, Jay's fingernail hurt my eye! It was pretty hurtful and under my eye was a red stripe. Now it is a bit better and it doesnt hurt so much. Anyway, when we started walking home I heard some weird noise. And then I noticed that my wet hair had froze! I had icy hair!
We were walking and we knew we had pretty long way home. And then piip, piip, our friend saved us! He was drining around and thank God he happened to pass us! He gave us lift to the shop and then home :) (We bought bananas, chocolate and peanuts mix). The last one was a mistake. When we arrived home I was soo hungry. I started making dinner, but while I was making it, I ate salty peanuts. And when the dinner was ready I ate just a bit. And eventho I didnt eat much at all, I felt so full and so sick! I layed down and I really felt sick. It felt like I needed to throw up. But I didnt. But I couldnt think of food at all. And I felt bad until I fell asleep! Thankfully in the morning I felt okay again. So, the first thing I did today morning was to turn the tv on and eat some chocolate! Lol. So typical!
Well, Jay is going to the gym after his work is done. And I am planning to workout at home a bit, watch my fav tv shows, read a book and just wait for Jay to get home.
My mom and dad are coming back from Egypt today. Next weekend Jay and I are going to their place to hear all about their trip and see the photos they took! So exciting! I bet they are really tanned!

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