Saturday, February 25, 2012

chocolate lover

Well, well, well. It was Estonia's Independent Day yesterday. Most estonians cooked estonian traditional food. But what did I eat? Since I am in Finland I couldnt get a hand on estonian food. So, Jay and I ended up eating out at some arabians foodplace. I had a vegetarian pizza and he had kebab with fries and fresh salad. We also went to the foodshop and bought some food (chips and hamburgers for Jay, apples and chocolate for me.) Oh, chocolate. I seriously think I am atticted to it. If I am craving for chocolate and if I cant have it I will have a headache. Maybe I should try to eat it less so I wouldnt be so atticted anymore! But well, yesterday I got so much chocolate.. so I wouldnt have to go to the shop everyday. First thing I did today morning was turn on the tv and open a big chocolate bar :D It was Fazer dark chocolate with pear pieces and almonds. Really delicious! I ate half of the big bar. Not good! But well, I will workout soon and then I will walk to Jays work that is at least 30 minutes fast walk (hopefully burns some of the fat I got from the chocolate. LOL) And then we are going swimming! Yay! I havent swum for soooo long! I cannot wait. I love water!

Oh, I have recently fell in love with these VS pants! Arent they gorgeous? :)

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