Thursday, May 1, 2014

#monthly favorites: April

Aeg minu aprillikuu lemmikute tutvustamiseks! Tahtsin teha samasuguse postituse ma märtsi lõpus, aga nii kiire oli ning jäigi tegemata. Aga siin on nüüd mu aprilli lemmikud!!!

//Time for my monthly favorites. I actually wanted to do a post like that in the end of March, but I didn't find time and now it's already 1st of May. So, I decided to do April's favorites instead. There was so much to love in April!!!//

Food: salads - I think the sunny weather made me want more lighter food.. there was a period in April when I didn't want to see potatoes or meat.. I just needed something light!
Little snack :)
Book: Divergent series - do I need to explain?! :D
Audiobook:  House Rules - there were days in April when I was so tired and didn't have much strenght to read books. But I loved listening to books ;) I listened to Jodi Picoult's book "House Rules" and I totally loved it! She is an amazing author and so far I have loved all her books that I have read or listened to!
Beauty product: First Aid Beauty face cream - I have been looking for a good face cream for a while. Finally I ordered First Aid Beauty face cream from I am really glad I chose this one because it's really good and my skin loves it!
Place: Paris - Jay and I were in Paris for 4 days and it was so amazing trip! We took all that was to take from Paris - sightseeing, bakery, Justin Timberlake's concert, nice weather ect. I loved every bit of it!!!
New love: macroons - I always thought I wouldn't like macroons. They didn't look very appealing for me. But while being in Paris I just had to try them, just once. O'boy, they're sooo good! I understand the hype now ;) And sure I ate so many macroons in Paris, not just one ;)
Gift: Puma Flowing perfume - Jay bought it for me just for no reason. When we had been dated for 4 months he got it for me for Christmas. I used it all up lonnggg ago and it totally surprised me when he randomly handed me this perfume few weeks ago :) Nice surprise for sure!

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