Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013 favorites!

Nagu 2012 aasta lõpus, otsustasin ka 2013 aasta lõpus koondada oma blogisse mõned möödunud aasta lemmikumad tooted, tegevused ja niisama asjad. Ja siin nad nüüd on :)

//Like last year, I decided to write a post about my 2013 year favorite products and things in general. So, here they are :) //

1. Technical item:
iPod - I have had my 2nd generation iPod for over 7 years now. It still works perfectly and looks like new. Thanks to my grandpa who bought it to me...just because he wanted! :)

2. Hobbie
Knitting - I have been knitting since January. I didn't knit much in spring and summer, but as soon as weather went colder I started knitting again :) Right now I am knitting fluffy socks :D 

3. Accessorice
My wedding ring - I think every married woman agrees if I say that wedding ring is the most beautiful piece of jewellery we own :) I wear it with bride and happiness!

4. Tv series
Reign - I am totally obsessed with this tv series!!! 

5. Event
My wedding - eventhough this year was full of amazing moments and events, but nothing can beat marring my Prince Charming. Our wedding was so beautiful and perfect! It was definitely the best day of my life!

6. Movie
"LOL" - I have actually watched so many movies this year, but I think this movie I have watched about 7 times this year. So that must be the movie I liked the best this year ;)

7. Saying
If you don't believe in yourself, no-one else does either! - I have always been a big dreamer and believer. I know I must believe in myself if I want my dreams and hopes become true :) This year so many of my dreams have come true!

8. Enjoyment
Home - I have totally enjoyed renovating, decoring and living in our new home in Hyvinkää. It's so cosy and nice here! I love just staying at home and watching movies, or cooking, or knitting...anything :) Home is such an important place. What makes our home home for me is Jay! My home is where he is! 

9. Food
Porridge - it's crazy how much porridge I have been eating this whole year. Every morning or every other morning I have it for breakfast. Sometimes for lunch as well. I think it's so fulfilling and the taste is yummie :) I like to spice it up with different berries, fresh jams, butter or whatever I am feeling ;)

10. Product
Bioderma - I'd heard sooo much good about this face cleaning water that I had to buy it. I would have bought it earlier but I didn't know they sell it in Estonia. Anyway, when I found it I bought it. I know now that I will use it probably the rest of my life. I have never had anything like's an amazing product and I truly reccomend it to everybody!

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