Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forest, bugs, plants, bog, hotness, mosquitos :S

10th - 14th were crazy days! I was at forest camp with my uni class. It was a hell. We had million things to do...and the days were so tiring. The stupidest thing was that we had to catch and kill bugs and butterflies coz we had to made a collection of these. Pool little buggies. Anyway, we had to work a lot. We also had to learn different plants to know by names. Now when im back at home whenever i walk outside and see different plants i think of their names..and when i see butterflies flying all i think is that i don't have this one in my collection...i should catch it :S Sounds crazy huh?
And my mom came to my room a few minutes ago and told she found a beautiful but dead dragonfly. She gave it to me so i could add it to my collection. Haha.
But oh well, besides hard study times we had a lot of fun too. The room where i stayed at was the best! We were joking around and having fun! At least so much good from that crazy trip.
But it's sooooooooooooooo good to be back at home. And now i have officially summer break till 1st September. I am totally lovin' it :):)
J is still at work, but luckily he's coming home tonight! I cannot wait to see my lovely man! And we'll spend next two days together!
I cooked him cookies today, but i totally screw them up. UGH! Sometimes i really suck at cooking! But oh well, i just need to practice more. I wanna be a good cook for my J :)
Changing the subject, i started watching two new tv shows: Switched at Birth and The 9 lives of Chloe King. I really like them, especially Switched at Birth! I can't wait till the next episodes :)
Okay, i am going to watch tv now i think.

PS! I need a miracle. Can't tell anything more, but if this miracle happens, some things will be easier for sure! Not asking this for myself.


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