Sunday, June 5, 2011

fun, work, fun :)

It's so great that university is over. Although i have a lot to do, i can also have fun! The other day (it was Thursday i think) we went to swimming again. It was so much fun! I totally loved it. So, next day i went home and later J called and told he's brother is away and so we decided that i go back to Tallinn. We had a dinner and went to the movies to watch X-men ;) It was such a great movie! We slept over at J's place. Next morning i had to go to work and he went to work too. I helped out at one dance show. It was really fun! But my legs were sooooo tired after that!

Oeh, after that J and i met, we had lunch and went to his place because we were both so tired. We slept for 3 hours and then we decided to go for a walk..we went to the foodshop to buy ice-cream and something for dinner. We ended up buying ice-cream, Domino cookies, another chocolate cookies, Candy King candies, two bottles of Nestea ice tea, wrap for me, 3 hamburgers for him, some fruits and pudding. Such a healthy food, isn't it? lol. :D
Anyway, it was so good to just be. I love being around J. He makes me the most happiest girl in the world!
Now it's Sunday. J is at his work and i just finished tryping names and numbers into Excel. Ugh. i have a lot of cleaning to do. So i better stop blogging.


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