Monday, June 20, 2011


These two days that i got to spend with J were amazing. Well, actually two nights but just one day. Whatever. The time i spend with him is always amazing. I love being around him. So what did we do? Um, woke up late in the morning, had lunch at Vapiano, went to the movies to see Limitless. After that we just walked around, he bought two books so we could go home, be in the bed and read books. But when we arrived home, we ordered Chinese food and then we had dinner and watched TV. I read a book a bit too, while he was doing some work calls. But the day and night were amazing. We watched a movie The Perfect Day from TV and i fell asleep in the end. I didn't want to wake up in the morning because i knew J had to go to work:( But oh well, i had no other choice. When he left, i read a book a bit and then woke up, too. I went home by early train because my family were going to my cousin's graduation and i didn't want to miss it! So, yesterday was the graduation. It was fine. After the ceremony we went to my aunt's house and had a little lunch there. This whole time i wished J was with me. But he called me once, so i got to talk to him. We arrived back home around 11pm, and i was so tired so i went to bed. I got a text from J at 3:30 am. He told he finally got to bed, too. Aw! I feel so sorry for him that he must work sooo late! He needs to sleep and rest not only work, work and work! If he comes home I'll take care of my sweetheart! (If i only knew when that was going to happen... he needs to go to Finland soon :/)

My head is messy. I don't know what i want. But i want a clear decision.


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